Southeast Asia, a region fueled by richness in entertainment and unlimited supplies for food and alcohol, has well attracted Pub and Bar makers/ suppliers from around the world Entertainment is the core driving force for the hospitality business which leads to the tapping potential of the pub and bar industries. With continuous growth each year, this makes Southeast Asia’s pub and bar business among the fastest growing industry in the region. With plenty to explore and opportunities offered in a large portion Southeast Asia is definitely a unique platform for all suppliers out there looking to tap the huge potential. Amidst the growth, Thailand remains as the premier location for hospitality and entertainment. With the growing and high demands of Pubs & Bars and liquor stores in the region.Pub and Bar Asia will serve as the go to platform for professionals with a regional focus. Vibrant, lively and up to date will be the main concept. Pub and Bar Asia promises to deliver and add a new vibe to the Pub and Bar industry especially for the Asia - Pacific region. Gathering top brands, newly introduced platforms to help develop the industry, this is an exciting period for Pub and Bar.



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